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Sarah & Tom
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Welcome to Dominic's Wedding Photography Gallery
Greetings to the guests, friends and family of Tom & Sarah !

The Wedding Photos will be online within 2 weeks of the wedding date.
Using the password given to you at the wedding, you will be able to access the complete gallery.
A 'Preview Gallery' will be online before this showcasing the photographer's favourites.
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St Swithuns - Bath
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The Wedding couple will have access to the gallery links prior to public viewing.
They may be open to bribes to reveal this to you early if you are impatient! - Please don't ask me as refusal may offend!)

You will also be able to Download images from this gallery for FREE - for personal use (my way of saying "thanks for smiling")

You can also order professional prints & enlargements as well as purchase digital files on DVD & USB Memory formats.

These Wedding Photographs will remain online for a duration of 12 months

Using the password given to you by the wedding couple, you will be able to access the gallery via the revealed web links.

Wishing Sarah & Tom a wonderful Honeymoon !
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(Password: As given at the wedding reception on the printed Guest Gallery cards. This will be unique to this wedding)

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